Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Found - LottoMAX ticket for this Friday's draw

Submitted by email to

Hi CJ.
I can only suspect you have a lot of lakeshore east readers. I found a LottoMAX ticket that was a $5 purchase that was stuck to the wheel of my car in the northwest part of the parking lot at Oshawa Monday night. I was told by the lottery office that if the person who bought it can remember where they purchased it, they can reference that from the code on the ticket to prove it belongs to that person. This Friday's jackpot is $40 million. I'd hate to see someone miss out. Please let me know if anyone contacts you and give them my email address. Please post this to your blog.

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JAMES said...

Hey Ken
If no claims it and it's a winning $40 million ticket, everyone in that parking lot deserves a cut okay? I'll be first in line.