Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's 6:39 am. Shut up.

The scene:
Highway #2 GO Bus to Oshawa

The players:
A d-bag with an iPhone with Facetime on, 11 passengers, 1 driver

The script:

D-bag: "Hey, good morning Sunshine. I was just thinking about you ... Figured I wanna see you too..."

D-bag's wife/girlfriend: "But I'm not dressed (giggles). You on the bus?"

[It's 6:39 am and he's not in bed with you. If he's not on the bus, where the hell else would he be?]

D-bag: "Yeah. (yawns) It's sooo early."

D-bag's wife: "Yeah. Yeah. (also yawns)"

D-bag: "I was just calling to make sure you dress warm. It's supposed to be cold. Flurries and ice pellets supposedly but I don't buy it..."

[What radio station is he listening to?]

D-bag's wife: "(whining) I knooow. What happened to Spring, man?"

D-bag: "Man, it's gonna be a long day."

This mindless drivel went on for the rest of the bus ride. I put headphones on when they went back to discussing the weather.

Some people need to talk less and text more.


Squiggles said...

Doesn't matter the time of day, it is ALWAYS too early for this crap. Especially when nothing important is being said.

Chances are he was just proving that he has a whatever to everyone on the bus. Because there is not excuse for "facetime" or whatever the hell that was to happen.

And yes, I am cranky today. One too many people having a conversation on the 6.41 this morning. Which in my world is any number above zero.

Bicky said...

I love the yahoos who call home at 6:30am to make sure their kids are up and getting ready for school. Getting louder and louder each time saying: Get up now and don't forget your lunch!


C.J. Smith said...

I have a great skit I do about *those* mothers.
When I get the chance I'll do an audio recording and YouTube it.

Bicky said...

I look forward to it, CJ!

mumzthewurd said...

I give phone calls a generous 30 min limit. Then I politely ask them to bring it to an end, that it is disturbing the peace of the other people on the bus. Usually I get some resistance, but I don't back down until they hang up. I've had other passengers and the driver thank me for ending the torture. Learn to text or Shhhhut the front door.

AllanVS said...

I just want to point out, that at Steeles/Warden, on Tuesday, around 6pm, we had snow. Yes, we did.

BUT I agree that douche's shouldn't be talking on their phone. Metrolinx should install signal jammers... except Industry Canada/CRTC has decided it's illegal in Canada. :(

Bicky said...

@AllanVS re: signal jammers - that's too bad. Movie theatres need to have them.