Monday, April 30, 2012

Not bad

Today was day one of bike the kid to daycare.

A few comments... traffic was very light. I only counted seven cars that passed me on the way down and none of the drivers were speeding. It was a bit busier coming back up but the kid was no longer in the trailer so I was less anxious.

My times are better. 14 minutes down and 16 back up. This left me with 24 minutes to change for work and walk to the bus stop. My regular GO bus driver saw me hauling ass on the way back and tooted the horn. I'm bummed I have to take a later bus as I really like Santa.

Only 184 days to go!


Peter Seelert said...

We’re routing for you, Cindy! The fact that your regular driver saw you “hauling ass on the way back and tooted the horn” demonstrates the respect is mutual. I'm sure Santa wishes you were on the bus, too. And when you do board his bus again, just think of all the "road warrior" stories you'll be able to share with him.

DF said...

Good job!! Bet you lose at least 10 pounds by July 1st!!

lswgirl13 said...

I'm curious, what does your 24 minutes entail?

C.J. Smith said...

Hey lswgirl13
Drop me an email and I'll disclose the route and more gory details

lswgirl13 said...

Will do! I need 30 mins. just to shower, dry off and moisturize every inch of this body.