Friday, April 27, 2012

Trolling. Master Level

Ever since the lost and found iPhone post that eventually was circulated on Facebook and Tweeter, I've been bombarded by texts from people trolling for lulz. Thing is, I've been on the Internet since before some of these trolls were born and I'm not new to the practice.

So texting me and asking how to get to Winnipeg by GO train, or if one can smoke on the train, or how one lost his seeing eye dog, but couldn't see where it went, and how do I get the dog back from lost and found - none of them were funny. The dog attempt was eye-rolling at best.

So if you wanna troll, this is how it's done. (Click the image to view the entire conversation)

Try harder, kidlets.


Anonymous said...

Could you please make the image bigger? I'm getting major eye strain trying to read this.

C.J. Smith said...

Consider it fixed.
I don't know why Blogger's software code won't let me embed any image longer than 800 pixels in length!!!

It's linked out to the source now for your viewing pleasure.

Squiggles said...

Audio Demon! Loves it! Takes trolling to a whole new level.

deepfish said...

Only fault (and the guy should have picked up on this) but anyonen named "Chan" would be a natural to read Hanja (Chinese characters), but the text is in Japanese characters only... I once taught an academic English class to students from Korea, Japan and China, and while they could only share speech in Engllish, they used to all be able to read Chinese characters... :-)
Your troll was very adept, Padwan!