Monday, July 23, 2012

If I went on a vacation, would anybody care?

Yes, yes they would.
I'm off until Aug 7. Not doing a hell of a lot - a little bit of surgery, visiting some friends, visiting a cottage, visiting the east coast, visiting some attractions, sleeping, reading, writing more GO smut, sleeping...
I will post sporadically over the coming days and have some submitted content that needs attention, including some parking donkeys shared by Skinman.
 It's come to my attention that I'm overdue for a lecture about proper train etiquette, specifically what one shouldn't discuss in an enclosed space surrounded by strangers -- the length of your 11 year old son's penis being one of them. Telling a seat mate he's hung like an elephant isn't amusing. Frankly, it's disturbing, so we must address what are safe topics and what are topics that could cause the CAS to come to your home.
For example, disclosing that you left your 3 year old daughter alone sleeping while you left to go fetch some Dairy Queen at 9 o'clock at night? Not cool. What if someone slammed into your car as you exited the Dairy Queen drive-thru? That "it was only 7 minutes" could easily stretch to seven hours. Also not cool.
 There are some things that some of us don't need to know, folks, so conduct yourselves accordingly. You don't know who's listening.


Bicky said...

Enjoy your time off, CJ. Sounds like a busy vacation!

Squiggles said...

Except for the surgery, sounds like the perfect vacation! Especially the part about escaping from the GO Train Loonies.

Sweet Jeebus! Is it EVER appropriate to talk about your child's genitals?

Sylv said...

enjoy your vacation!!