Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So someone complained to the media ...

Since we're on the topic, here's some more TTC douchebaggery:

Hi CJ,
ExGOnowTTC here.  Unfortunately lost all my previous photos of TTC douchebaggery just recently.  Thankfully they've all stepped forward and provide me the attached.  The first one was taken during evening rush hour from Union to St George.  Both douchebags got on at Union and stood like that the WHOLE way, only grudgingly moving so people could get on and off. Then they stood right back.  At St George they both bolt out the door to run do a Bloor train.  Standing in their exact usual spots of course.

Second one was taken this morning during rush hour  Got on at Coxwell and noticed him.  Then watched people get on, look at him and not do anything.  In that proud Canadian tradition of passive-aggressive quietness, they mumbled quietly and looked at each other to do SOMETHING.  Train got packed of course, and no one said anything.  I got off at Bloor, so I didn't get to see anymore.


Lil Nat said...

This kinda crap doesn't fly with me. First thing in the morning I have an empty stomach, no caffeine & no patience so if there is a seat available I sit. If there are HOGGERS like this, they move. They don't get a choice. I NEVER EVER say "Can I sit here?" because that just invites "No" and stalling before "No". I simply tell them "Excuse me", point and proceed to sit down. I have never had anyone not allow me to sit when I've done that. As for the TTC Door Donkeys...if they do that they get more contact with my elbow than they were expecting. There is the rare occasion I stand in front of the doors but that's usually when it's packed and I have horrible balance and a bad knee. I try to move as much as possible (I love it when I move out of the way of the door to let people on/off and then an asshat stands where I was standing and blocks the way..oiy).

Ok rant over (for now...)

calvinhc said...

It's the door donkeys in the first photo, plus the ones who block the door from the outside in a station, that has me wanting to carry one of those pocket air horns. I'll have to remember to pick one up next time I'm in Canadian Tire.

As for the second photo, I'm thinking the appropriate action would be to stand with one's back to the pole attached to his seat and cut a loud (and hopefully smelly) one.