Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seat hogs - so much drama!

from: DF
to: Crazy train
date: Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 10:33 PM
subject: Seat hog

I got a big huff and a sigh when I asked this woman tonight to move her bag and coat from an aisle seat next to her. She was in the window seat next to it and her friend was kitty corner to her in the aisle seat in the same quad.
A friend of mine was in the adjacent quad which is why I asked her to move her shit... that and seat hogs annoy me. So after huffing and puffing, and blowing lots of hot air, she made a move to move her crap from the seat but at the same time said that she may puke because she was feeling sick.
I said whatever and sat down in the next quad over, being not in the mood for her bullshit drama.
The seat opposite her was empty.
As I sat down in the quad behind my friend, I tapped her on the shoulder and suggested that maybe she should move over here to avoid the line of possible puke. Ok, so maybe I wanted to have a little say in her bullshit drama. PukeWoman proceeded to call me a child.
The man sitting opposite me shook his head as well because he knew she was a lying sack of shit and then kindly offered to switch seats so my friend and I could sit together. I thanked him and declined. LyingSackofShitpukeWoman proceeded to let someone sit directly opposite her (which is where you would think one would puke if they really had to) and then had a lovely conversation with her friend for the rest of the ride. No signs of feeling sick or being nauseous whatsoever.
These people with such unwarranted self entitlement really annoy the crap out of me.



TomW said...

What's "kitty corner"??

Skin Man said...

I personally love that expression,

Try picturing a circle, object A is in the North West quadrant of a circle, and object B is in the south east quadrant of a circle, they are kitty corner to each other.

Also I too seek out the bag rider and enjoy asking them to move their shit!

calvinhc said...

C.J.: You wrote: "No signs of feeling sick or being nauseous whatsoever."

I think you mean 'nauseated', not 'nauseous'.

If she was 'nauseous', then the sight of her made OTHERS feel sick, which she very well may have. ;-)

C.J. Smith said...

DF wrote, not I.