Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seen at a bus stop in London, ON

And the result...

From 102.3 BOBfm (source)

There’s a happy ending for Mason Smith thanks to some high powered help pitching in. After the story about how Mason had lost his favourite stuffed animal took off yesterday, a ton of people tried everything they could to help. It all started when Ashlee Smith, his mum, posted an advertisement on Kijiji begging for help and offering a $200 writing, “He is blind and this is his comfort, I need to find this lamb- please help!” Almost 30 000 people saw the ad with the toys description, and it eventually came to the attention of the company in America who originally made the toy. The problem is it had been discontinued, but that wasn’t about to stop them from lending a helping hand. Scott Clarke, President of Douglas Company said that they have the design studio right in their factory so they will now be making two more toys for Mason. As he put it, “One to hold, and one more to have as a spare!” They’re even replacing it for free.


Bicky said...

Aww, now I've got the warm and fuzzies. What a happy ending.

AllanVS said...

Damn ... I got dirt in my eye and it's leaking. Yeah dirt that's what it is.
All kidding aside, this proves not all corporations are evil like Target and WalMart.

C.J. Smith said...

Onions, Allan.
You say, "Who's chopping all these onions!?"