Friday, March 15, 2013

Yeah, how come you douchebags *don't* move?

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date: Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 8:07 AM
subject: Train beef

I'm on the 7:59 out of Whitby and feeling feisty. Again this morning I had to practically crawl over a woman's lap to get to an open window seat. The woman across from her was gracious enough to move her legs and let me in, but this woman didn't even look up from her phone.
The same thing happened last night on the 5:53 out of Union. I'm sure it happens to people all the time, but there needs to be some kind of donkey decree that states if you absolutely have to sit in the "asshole seat," blocking empty seats during rush hour, the least you could do is move your legs and let people in. Come on...
And now, coffee. Maybe coffee will help. And a blowtorch ;)


Squiggles said...

Normally, I move my legs to let people in (I have a backpack that I tuck under the seat and to get it out at my stops I sit in the aisle). But I will admit, on a day that I hurt, I won't twist in my seat to let people in. It just hurts too much. And I have gotten up before and someone actually tried to take that seat so I no longer do that.

But I will agree, if you are purposefully not paying attention, then yes, rude behaviour and I would purposely walk into them.

Kelly said...

I do sit in the outside seat because I get off at Exhibition.... so I have to choose between sitting there or having to crawl over someone on my way out. I do let people in to the window seat so I think that it's acceptable in my case.