Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Were you on the 4:30 or 5:10 afternoon trains yesterday?

Both trains were brought to a standstill when encountering a stalled train outside of Pickering. I was on the 5:10 and submitted a Service Guarantee credit.

You can request a credit by filling out this form on GO's website. I would suggest you click the "Does my trip qualify?" button first before submitting a request.

What's interesting is that passengers who were on the train that experienced engine failure (4:25) have been told a decision about credit eligibility is pending.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the official decision on the 4:53 train. I checked the time as we pulled into Oshawa and it was bang on 15 minutes late.

Squiggles said...

First thing I did when I got to work this morning was to check that the 5:10 qualified. It did, so I submitted. I would have fought that one because even a 5 mins delay means I miss my bus home. And it can be an awful 30 mins until the next one shows up (even though it is supposed to be every 20 mins).

And seriously? A broken down train isn't enough to guarantee a rebate? These people were only getting their new ride 40 mins later.

CanuckGirl said...

I was in line this morning in front of a gentleman who was on the 4:25 train. He seemed very unhappy as GO wasn't issuing a refund for him. He kept repeating, "You know the engine DIED, right?"

Bicky said...

The 4:25 should qualify. It wasn't cancelled prior to departure. It was cancelled during the run.

I appealed a denial from a couple of weeks ago and it was accepted the second time. I basically stated that the Presto machines run 1-2 minutes behind real time because there's no way I could get from my car to the machine in under a minute.

They've given themselves so many "outs" for having to give the credits.

Hopefully, things will work out and people will get their credit.

Anonymous said...

I was on that 4:25 train. the eventually dumped us at Pickering and by the time we got to Ajax we were almost 20 minutes late. so it should qualify. Im pretty sure I even got an email saying it was 17 minutes late, which would qualify for a refund. I havent received confirmation of my refund yet though.

Anonymous said...

and if I recall correctly, I believe we got into Ajax at 5:30, which is 33 minutes late.

Anonymous said...

Well they still haven't figured out if the 4:53 is eligible for the credit...2 days later. I've filed a claim anyways and will dispute it if it's rejected.

TT said...

They should start announcing the time when we get to each stop. My claim was rejected, I was on the 4:53 train and by my phone it was 15 minutes late getting into Whitby. I guess GO will argue it was 14'59" late and not eligible.