Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have no idea how to play the game, let alone understand it but GO Transit's ticket proposal cheered by Toronto FC fans


Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and GO Transit are teaming up to provide a better pre- and post-game experience for soccer fans, who struggle to find parking near BMO Field for Toronto FC games.
Negotiations for a joint ticket deal that would give fans a free or discounted GO ride to games are still in the early stages, MLSE and GO officials said Monday.
MLSE’s vice-president of marketing, Shannon Hosford, described it as a pilot project.
“It’s a good starting point to see how it would work, and if it is such a benefit to our fans, we can examine other opportunities in the future,” she said.



Bicky said...

It's a cool sport. Although some fans are bat-crap crazy. I just hope GO has a heavy duty cleaning crew on the job the day after.

Of course, I've boarded a train Monday morning that clearly had the remnants of Saturday's par-tay shenanigans.

Unknown said...

I don't understand. There are thousands of parking spots around BMO field all throughout the exhibition grounds. Heck MOST of the exhibition grounds are parking spots! Unless they mean during the 2 weeks of the CNE?
And its not like TFC fans don't know about the GO. I used to see them all season when I rode to/from the ex.

Lori said...

Discount ride, yay(reluctantly) but free ride, nay. I worry that if fans get a free ride they'll think they can do whatever they want on the train.

Bicky said...

There's 6,500 parking spots but the stadium seats 20,000, even more if the expansion of it goes through.

I'm not thrilled that there's talk of free. I'm not sure they even need to deep discount. But I can't really say anything until I know all the details of what's going on.

RonNasty said...

It would be better if they changed the start time of the game to better coincide with the train arrival times. If the game starts at the bottom of the hour that would give both east and westbound riders more time to get to their seats before kickoff.

McDarver said...

Free ride, cuz of lack of parking? GO transit patrons should be automatically part of that group. 150K people ride GO each day, 10K parking spots available in downtown core...hmmmm