Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some idiot pulled the emergency brake yesterday on the LSW

Can you smell that?
That stench?
Let me describe it for you.
You know how on a hot summer's day you lift the lid of your green bin and you're punched in the face by last night's dinner left to rot?
That's what self-entitlement smells like.

Yesterday, as the 353 pm LSW train rolled its way past Bronte, a passenger, who may or may not have missed his stop - details are fuzzy - pulled the emergency brake and then proceeded to pry open the doors of the coach he was in. This resulted in an investigation that lasted 17 minutes.

I have no idea if this passenger was fined or not but in my head, I like to play this game I call "Boot or Brick" where I get to line up jackasses like this brake-pulling clown against a wall at Union Station and I ask the crowd if I should throw a boot or brick at the person. Then I revel in the chanting of "Boot! Boot! Boot! Boot!" and I wind it up. But unfortunately, we're not in a country where a game like that is acceptable.

I play this same game in my head with people who snap their gum when the train is deathly quiet or text message with the keypad tone on their phones unmuted.

It's very satisfying. You should try it.

Boot wins every time.


Anonymous said...

how does someone even pry open the train doors??

Squiggles said...

All I am picturing in my head is the boot from the episode of the Simpson's where the Aussie's go to punish Bart by "booting" him.

C.J. Smith said...

With the axe found on the train.

C.J. Smith said...


LOL!!! Yesssssssss

Anonymous said...

GO train doors can NOT be pried open with bare hands. The only way to open it is if someone breaks the glass and pulls the "ring".

I wish Darwin would deal with people like them

Anonymous said...

Wow breaking doors with an axe takes a whole new level of stupidity, I sure hope they didn't do it cuz they missed their station....

Bicky said...

There's not much I can say except "Good grief!"