Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I know my headphones are in here somewhere ...

I will warn you, there is TMI is this post so if you've got some work to do, such as formatting a Word file or Powerpoint presentation about next year's budget, now's a good time to close this window and get at it.

I've been on antibiotics as I heal from my gum surgery. Any ladies reading this may be familiar with how our bodies react to penicillin or amoxicillin. Not every woman becomes an automatic bread machine on two legs, but some of us do. Sadly, I am one of them.

It's been a rough few days and yesterday I decided there are places a ruler should never venture, and I broke down and bought a box of stuff that my father NEVER understood.

I put the box, with no bag, in my purse and boarded the train.

Halfway through the ride, I decided I would watch a movie and reached down and pulled on my headphone cord which I did not know was wrapped around the box.

They weren't budging, so I lifted my bag onto my lap, gave the cord another good pull and like a dove being released to celebrate the love of two people joined in matrimony on a Cuban beach, watched as the box flew across the train and hit a woman in the back of the head (two seats over) before clattering to the floor.

A man, being very kind, reached down to grab it and I entered the aisle to retrieve it. But oh, not before several people got a good look at it.

I apologized profusely to the woman, my cheeks redder than a tomato and sat back down, shoving the box deep into my purse. I thanked the man and stared at the floor for the rest of the train ride.

Oh the embarrassment this caused me!!!


Sylv said...

I am sorry that happened, but I am even more sorry that I'm laughing about it. I would have been mortified if it had happened to me.

I hope you're taking some probiotics in between the antibiotics?

Al said...

At least the packaging was stil sealed.

C.J. Smith said...

Lots and lots of probiotic yogurt.
Thank god the packaging was in tact.

Anonymous said...

It's like my wife says - it's not easy being a woman ;)

paperpusher1 said...

Your description of how it flew "like a dove being released to celebrate the love of two people joined in matrimony on a Cuban beach" made me laugh until tears came - sorry it happened to you, I did that once with another feminine product so i feel your pain :).

Anonymous said...

3 applications never does it for me after a nice round of antibiotics, should have gone for 7. And most men will never understand this pain!!!!

April said...

Try the oral medication, it works better, faster, and with less mess!

And don't be embarassed. You have no control over this very normal bodily change. We don't get embarassed when we buy toilet paper!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry too....that I laughed at this! So funny and I feel your pain...literally! May I recommend taking "acidophillus bifidus" (drugstore, vitamin aisle) and yes I know it sounds like it's from a Harry Potter movie but I ALWAYS take it along with any antibiotic I have to take! It works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night and it involved a tube of Canesten... WFT CJ?!!

C.J. Smith said...

My work here is done bitches!!!