Monday, November 10, 2014

What parallel universe am I living in?

Shut up. You had me at Oshawaygago.

Oshawaygago is going to be my new gang name, if I decide to start a new gang.

While I was away, running around with my last gang (nickname - Bleeding Gums Murphy), GO Transit finally deployed its next stop announcement tool. There's a fancy term for this technology that I'm too lazy to look up so NSAT it is.

At first, I wasn't sure what was happening when I heard this creepy HAL-like voice announce (and way too loudly), "Next stop, Regional Road Highway 2 and Varcoe Road". Huh? What voodoo is this?

And wasn't GO Transit supposed to launch NSAT back in January? Only 11 months late, so, right on time!

The robotic voice has trouble with annunciation. Hell, my Samsung phone can enunciate better this this brokeback Suri version. The highlight of the bus trip, that made up for the driver running 12 minutes behind, was listening to it call out, "Oshawa GO". There was no pause between Oshawa and GO, so it was sounded out phonetically - OH-SHA-WAY-GA-GO.



April said...

Welcome back to the dark side. Glad you are feeling better and can hopefully eat solid food again!

C.J. Smith said...

I've moved up to chicken breast, chopped up real small.

Bicky said...

Better to roll it out later and working better than to roll it out when it's working like a piece of crap.