Friday, November 14, 2014

Psst! Your banana is showing

from: CB
date: Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 8:08 AM

You may use the attached photo for your site if you like. Not sure if the quality is good enough, it was dark last night on my ride. But the point I'd love for you to make is that particularly on buses, this sight is all too familiar. Banana peels, coffee cups, fast food containers... rather than take their refuse with them, too many passengers think its okay to stuff their garbage in the mesh webbing at the back of a chair and leave it for GO staff to clean up. But there's a good chance that it's going to sit there all day. It's unsightly, can smell and is just plain rude. Yes, Go Transit has cleaners, who likely vacuum and sweep the seats. They're not your personal maid paid to clean up after you.


Bicky said...

When did civilisation take a nosedive into the toilet? That's so disgusting. And clearly done by someone who has never had to pick up after anyone.

I used to clean hotel rooms. I'm very aware of keeping my trash to a minimum and putting it in the proper bins.

outburst said...

Students are well known for their lack of etiquette, walking down the bus aisle with backpacks on, then occupying a chair with it, noise and food infractions, etc. But I'm afraid it's not just them. This happens way too often. It's like someone throwing a pop can into the bushes because the garbage can at a 50-foot distance is too far away.
Irks me to no end.

And I'll add that the only thing I've ever left on a GO bus after being a regular commuter for four years is two umbrellas. =p

Anonymous said...

As a GO bus driver, our cleaners don't always get everything on the bus. Or I'll pick up a bus after another driver from the morning and it won't have been cleaned. And I'll find coffee cups stuffed between the seat and window. Seriously? Sometimes half full, like this morning. Makes me wonder if these people have garbage bins at home.

Anonymous said...

To add salt in the wound, go transit hires bus cleaners on contract during the winter time. They only have skeleton amount of staff who manage to sweep the litter off the buses every night.

Anonymous said...

Gross. Some people need to be smacked with their banana peels.