Friday, November 21, 2014

Is arriving at Toronto's Union Station from Kitchener by GO train seven minutes sooner worth $900 million?

Electrifying the GO train line between Kitchener and Toronto — something the Liberals have promised to do within the next 10 years at great cost — would save only seven minutes of travel time each way and cost $800 to $900 million in 2010 dollars, according to a report completed by Metrolinx.

To shorten the travel time on the Kitchener line by more than seven minutes, GO Transit president Greg Percy told Metrolinx's board of directors in September that the agency will need to add a new rail track parallel to the existing one and work with CN Rail to co-ordinate boosted train service.



TomW said...

Electrification saves abut 1.5 mins per stop. The costs are proportional to the length of route electrified. That means it only makes sense where you have lots stops close together... and the Kitchener line west of Brampton doesn't fit that.

Also, the province promised electrification on all the lines owned by GO, which excluded the Kitchener line west of Bramalea, and most of the Milton line.

Steve said...

GO owns the tracks between Kitchener and Georgetown now hence the article, which in itself a bit misleading as another 10 minutes can be saved once the tracks are repaired between Kitchener and Georgetown for faster speeds now plus when the Georgetown South Project is done another 5 to 10 minutes can be saved because no more slow orders and faster speeds on newer tracks/less at grade issues.