Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do people not look at WHERE they are going? Blame the GPS my butt


deepfish said...

This morning on GO Bus in Mississauga, a BMW (licence plate ACYF 334) turned right out of a gas station right in front of our bus. It wasn't a near miss - but it caused our bus to slow down precipitously.
The guy must have had an axe to grind, or maybe it was just "German Import Entitlement Syndrome" because he then proceeded to purposely and repeatedly slow his car down then speed it up. At the next light he idled for about ten seconds after the light turned green.
The driver said she sees this all the time.
I said its one thing to argue with a bus driver, but this guy was arguing with the laws of physics.A collision with a BMW might leave a dent in the bus, but it would probably spoil th eBMW driver's whole day.

Bicky said...

Just because you're using GPS, that doesn't mean you can leave common sense at home. *smh*

George said...

I see that all the time in Oakville where I live. The bridge over the QEW on Trafalgar has been reduced to two lanes for construction. The expensive cars (and we do have a lot of them here) expect we poor foolish Hyundai owners to get the hell out of their way or suffer the consequences. They dart from lane to lane without any signals, tailgate like they're attached to a trailer hitch and generally act like dickwads once the pass the construction area by accelerating dragster style away.
It's maddening so I now avoid that bridge whenever possible. I simply can't afford to have my car (an Accent) dinged up by entitled twats in expensive cars.
Of course lots of less expensive cars do that too but it seems most of the really expensive ones feel totally entitled. I've seen a Bentley doing ~140k on Dundas. I was doing 100 in an 80 and he blew by me like I was a post.
As for GPS, if you don't know where you're going, ASK! I have a thing called a map that never makes mistakes, never runs out of power and is always available.
This idiot got what he deserved IMO.

Anonymous said...

Ha. This reminds me of that episode of The Office where Michael is driving and the GPS says to turn - into a lake. Dwight and Michael have a big argument about it.

That said, I have noticed lately that Google maps gets a lot of things wrong when I am driving somewhere new and have the audio on to direct me. I'd like to think I wouldn't blindly turn onto train tracks though.

deepfish said...

I live in Oakville. I feel your pain. One thing that's a mystery though - Trafalgar is packed solid from Cross to over the QEW - then the traffic magically evaporates - where does it all go? Is there a fairy that makes overpriced smelly German cars dissolve?

TomW said...

@deepfish: the joke's on the BMW driver - they end up travelling at the speed of a (slowed-down) bus, which is far slower than normal traffic!

Ed said...

@deepfish, from my experience with that traffic, once the road opens up going northbound over the bridge, they turn east and west on Leighland and Iriqouis Shore. That takes care of a lot of the cars. Of course the LeMans type maneuvering that takes place to make the turn is sometimes dramatic, sometimes too close to believe and usually results in lots of angry drivers displaying the middle finger. But hey the only one that counts on the road is you right? /sarcasm

When drivers buy cars in Oakville they seem to have the signal lights removed. Useless frivolity trappings.

I never do that anymore though. I take the north service road to Royal Windsor, jump on the QEW and get off at Trafalgar. Very few problems that way and many days we noted a truck that was in traffic and then saw it was STILL in traffic when we got back on Trafalgar.

George said...

Whoops that last comment was by moi.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

The primary "marvel of modern high-tech": let your fancy gadgets do all your thinking for you. Never question: just whatever they tell you to do.