Friday, September 11, 2015

How a fight about feet on the seats became a viral sensation (but not for the reason you might think)

Full background story (definitely worth the click)


Anonymous said...

whilst she is right, the comment "this is not a muslim country" sits a little uneasy with me. mostly due to what i see being posted by certain types back home. @sprawlo

Bicky said...

Holy crap on a cracker... that's all I got.

Anonymous said...

Just look at her picture! Talk about a self-entitled POS. She played the "Muslim" card b/c that's all she had. What if this person complaining was a white guy? What would she have said then?

Calling the police over feet on seats if obviously overboard, but the guy was probably at the end of his rope seeing bizznatches like her put her feet on the seats everyday.

"I've had a long day". Well guess what have I, doesn't mean I'm going to put my dirty feet on a seat.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:28pm: how is she right? She was wrong for putting her feet on the seats.

Unfortunately he was first to bring his religion into it, and she jumped on his comment about not being able to pray with his shoes on. I don't understand what that has to do with her having her feet on the seat. That doesn't change her super douchey somewhat racist comment about it not being a Muslim country. She knew what buttons to press, and he fell for it.

Maybe she should have taken that money she bought her funbags with and put it towards her own car so she could put her dirty shoes anywhere she wanted.

She is wrong, he handled himself wrong. Just do like me, if other seats are available, I tell the person to get their feet off the seat as I walk to the empty seats far away from the seatrider. Usually it's a "hey moron, seats are for sitting, not resting your dirty feet on", or "Get your feet off the seat" with a death stare.

If the train is crowded and I'm not wearing good suit pants, I'll make the move to sit on their feet or push past their legs to an empty window seat in the quad their in. Most people usually move their feet before contact with my 230lb butt is made. Only once did I end up sitting on somebody's feet, and I got an apology from that person.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...Only in England.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more with your take on the event! "She is wrong, he handled himself wrong" is exactly how I saw this too. And honestly more people should start doing what your doing, I always make it a point for these idiots to know their stupidity is seen and addressed.