Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You got 36 minutes to move your car!

From: GO Transit [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 10:24 PM
Subject: Oshawa GO Kiss & Ride Expansion/Temporary Accessible Parking Relocation
From Wednesday, September 16th to Friday, September 18th we will be expanding the Kiss & Ride area to improve traffic flow. As a result, all accessible parking spots in front of the station building will be relocated north of the bus loop on Wednesday.  Relocation begins at 11 pm on Tuesday, September 15th.  Cars left in this area after 11 pm will be removed.Only one way traffic is now permitted through the Kiss & Ride; enter through the main drive aisle and exit onto Thornton Road. An additional 330 parking spaces are available 200 metres west of the main parking lot.



Anonymous said...

Heh, I noticed that as well. Thanks for the heads up, GO Transit!

Nora1968 said...

GO Transit - offering superior customer communications for....well, never.

Squiggles said...

Though not the same, I have noticed an increase in emails being sent out really late at night. Mostly in regards to "extra" trains being added. All I could think is: who is paying attention to their emails at 10-10:30pm? At an event? Chances are you have the phone turned off and won't turn it on until after the fact.

Anonymous said...

I received a text last night with a condensed version of this message and was stunned (I'm still a relatively new GO passenger). Presumably, they move the car within the parking lot and don't tow it elsewhere? The lack of sufficient notice is astounding.

I will have to leave my car overnight at some point and was already nervous about doing so - this is the cherry on top!

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Love being blindsided.
Those-in-charge can be such a competent and considerate bunch, can't they?
I hate surprises myself as a rule-of-thumb (unless, of course, they happen to be serendipities).

mark p said...

dont why but im reminded of this homer: here are your messages, you have 30 minutes to move your car, you have 10 minutes to move your car, your car has been impounded, your car has been crushed into cube, you have 30 minutes to remove your cube......