Monday, November 28, 2016

Can you guess what happened here?

This vehicle was left parked at Oshawa GO Station this morning.
Just as how you see it.
Window down. All smashed up.

Take note of the second photo (why are there no pylons to warn drivers???)... possible source of damage? Or is this a hit and run, then dump and run?

Anyhoo, the experts are handling it. I'm more concerned about the open hole.


Unknown said...

Maybe, a toned down version of Jackasses Rent a Car Crash Up Derby.

Unknown said...

Weird. The scrapped paint on the top of the wheel well speaks of a hit and run. The flat speaks to a trip through the grand canyon that has obviously emerged in the Oshawa station.

If that was my car, I would be pissed!

Rory said...

That looks like an open manhole cover and it looks like it was pried open with that piece of wood. Maybe this was a hit and run followed by an escape through the sewers :P

Skin Man said...

^ evil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Robert said...

I drove over one the round covers on the fueling holes for gas stations. Somehow the cover popped up and broke the transmission mounts. The damage was around $2000 but Sunoco paid for thee whole shpt.

My Ford dealer would not accept a work order from Sunoco but fortunately my insurance company said they would issue the work order and Sunoco could pay them. That is why I am still with Co-operators.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Nothing says "professionalism" and "conscientious customer service" like a well-maintained parking lot.

Anonymous said...

A hole wouldn't have cause the passenger door window to be left wide open.
Seems excessive damage from just a hole, maybe a flat.
Driver still managed to drive and park the car........