Thursday, November 24, 2016

To quote @madhatressTO "Many millennials don’t even own cars. They’re stuck on substandard transit or riding bikes on congested streets" It's the baby boomers who will start brawlin' over this


Unknown said...

Agreed. I doubt you'll get much push back from any downtowners. If anything Toronto should also be charging a fee for driving into the city. The streets are clogging up with bikes and pedestrians and cars take up too much space and cause too much chaos. I've no idea why anyone drives in the city on a weekday.

Rory said...

People will bitch and moan about this, but I think this is probably necessary to fund all the infrastructure and transit upgrades that are needed in the City. That having been said, who knows if this will actually happen. So many things in this city get proposed and then cancelled that I won't believe this is actually happening until I see the toll booth open for business.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I, myself, either walk or take public transit.
I don't drive---but I don't own a bicycle either.
These driver ...getting yet another painful lesson in the fact that they don't "own the roads".

Anonymous said...

Minnenials I know still live at home and their parents drive them.