Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ah-choo gross

Rita wrote in via text message to 9054420352 to tell those who sneeze that it's common courtesy to excuse yourself, especially if you manage to sneeze all over fellow passengers.

Apparently Rita found herself the target of a projectile cootie. It landed on her coat. The other person was oblivious. Rita is disgusted beyond belief and has been unable to eat all day.


Rita said...

By far, the grossest thing to ever happen to me.

Anonymous said...


So how did you handle this? Did you get up and move?

Rita said...

I pretended like I didn't see it. I wound up cleaning my coat at work. I don't think the person realized what had happened.

Jill said...

Whether she realized it or not, that is disgusting!

Rita, you should have wiped it off with a kleenex and handed it back to her.

Anonymous said...

Why can't people be bothered to covered their mouths? Do they think every welcomes their germs with open arms and looks forward to their next round of flu?

I'd have been tempted to slug her.