Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy lady!

As devoted followers know, in the summer I decided to share my cell number online so people could text me stories and pictures (9054420352).

Apparently this is pretty far out for some people to comprehend, as we learned with the sext message I received last month. If you haven't read that gem yet, you can read it here.

The following came in this morning:

Random Text Messager (RTM): what's up?

Me: hi

RTM: is this the crazy lady?

Me: do u mean the person with the crazy train blog?

RTM: sure

Me: sure? sure what? sure you have a crazy train blog?

RTM: no. u do.

Me: i do?

RTM: don't u?

Me: i might

RTM: this is the person who rides the go train right?

Me: i indeed do ride a go train

RTM: so u own that blog?

Me: what blog?

RTM: the crazy one!

Me: oh, that one. u mean the one you got this cell # from

RTM: are u always like this?

Me: like what?

RTM: rude?

Me: well u did refer to me as a crazy lady

RTM: no i didn't

Me: yep. you did.

RTM: no. i did not call u crazy. i called ur blog crazy

Me: well someone's crazy and it ain't me

RTM: r u calling me crazy???

Me: r u?

RTM: ur crazy

Me: choo choo!

RTM: what's that mean?

Me: what?

RTM: choo choo

Me: that u ride a crazy train

RTM: u suck

Me: dude, you texted me. did u think it was a fake cell # on the site?

RTM: u never know so i thought i would try it

Me: u know i'm putting this on the site, right?

RTM never wrote me back. I'm telling you. This blog writes itself.


Aimee said...

I sent u a txt msg to see if u were real. ur just super rude. U think ur funny but ur not. I don't appreciate being made fun of.

Aimee said...

ps. this was a PRIVATE conversation between me & u. i don't appreciate u broadcasting it.

Anonymous said...

wow aimee

unless your name is Random Text Messager, your "secret text" was pretty safe.

since when is a text message to a number publicly available confidential?

were you looking for the kidshelp phone?

you can't see the humour in this? come on .... c'mon on !!!

Cindy said... was just funny to start, but now that Aimee here thinks that text conversations are it's hilarious!!

Too bad she forgot the rule -- don't text anything you don't want to appear on the front page of the newspaper (or blog in this case). Nothing is EVER confidential in cyberspace sorry to say!!

Got to love the crazy train...

Peter B said...

Poor Aimee (oops, I mean 'Anon').

Some peeps just don't get when they're gettin' got.

C.J. Smith said...

When did I make fun of you?

Aimee said...

i realize now i reacted badly. i'm sorry if i caused u problems.

C.J. Smith said...

Girl, please.

It's all in good fun.

Marion said...

Bahahahaha this made my day

Anonymous said...

I think Aimee's usage of "ur" for "you're" and "your" is bothering me more than her random msgs