Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Move your goddamn bags

Your knapsack does not have priority seating.

Honest to God. Why should I have to ask? You should do it automatically.

That's why I said to you as I left in a huff, "Glad to see the bag got a seat".

To my train buddies, I'm sorry I couldn't sit with you this morning.

I can't believe how dense people are.

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eonlife said...

Hey Crazy Train blogger,

I feel the same way when I take the TTC every morning. However, when I see that someone proposely put their bag on a seat, I walk over to them... say "excuse me, I'll take that seat from you" and it works every time. I usually get a smile from the other passengers because no bothers to even try.

I think its the responsibility of fellow passengers to inform "bag people" of this in a polite manner.

Try it and I'm curious what will happen. Most people will give up the seat and if they don't, they will be the one to look "stupid and selfish".

Just a thought, e