Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi, I really enjoued our meetingth zzzzzz hapis thrysl

Tonight I busted my ass to catch the 5:20 only to miss it and had to resort to taking the 5:53.

I had really hoped the pics I took of the guy beside me sleep-emailing would turn out so I could show the hot mess of an email he was writing to a co-worker. He struggled to pound it out while dozing off.

He wrote: "Hi Christine, I really enjoued our meetingth zzzzzz hapis thrysl wth."

Every so often he'd regain consciousness and start typing again. His next line was "Liy hock meup frthhj tomrow."

By Pickering he was in a coma. I was tempted to reach over and press send on his Blackberry. But then I had visions of his career being ruined and of him packing up his office which lead to his kids holding a yard sale selling off their toys so the hydro bill could be paid, and I decided against it.

I poked him awake at Oshawa.

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