Friday, September 3, 2010

I did it for you, Jill!

My cover was blown on the train this morning.

Of course, now I am aghast that perhaps I am one of those people who project too much when talking to others on the train.


Oh, I didn't tell you? I now have two daily train buddies who I sit with in the morning. They didn't know about my failed attempt to ask a group of people to shut the hell up a month ago. The guy who fought back at me was on my coach this morning and sitting only a few rows away. Whenever I see him, I always get this flash of anger that I can't seem to let go. I won't lie. He really got to me.

Anyhooo, I was telling my two train buddies about the confrontation and maybe I'm oblivious to the workings of the internet, thinking very few people read this blog, when, as the train pulled into Union, I heard this female voice call out, "I love your blog".


I thought maybe I misheard so I kept moving towards the doors. Then, this lady behind me asks quietly, "Are you CJ?"

I played it cool. I whispered back, "How do you know?"

Oh yeah, real cool.

I don't know why I felt I needed to keep it a secret just then. I'm not embarrassed by anything I've written. I was just caught off guard.

Jill overheard my conversation about the confrontation and since she does read this blog, she put one and one together and next thing I knew, I'm hoofing it up Bay Street with her (she's a fast walker, I'm not).

I hardly ever walk outside during heat waves. I usually walk underground to avoid the smog, heat, smokers and pollution because of my asthma.

This woman barely broke a sweat. Mind you, she's in much better shape than me.

Nice to meet you, Jill.


Snoopy said...

Ever thought how you'd handle it if confronted by a bag rider?

Anonymous said...

You have over 8,000 hits. Clearly people are reading!

J is more bold than I ever could be. I still haven't figured you out and you ride the same train as me, the 7:53.

Unichi (aka Jill) said...


It was great to finally meet the woman behind the blog this morning.

I'm sorry to have taking you off guard but I was so excited that I finally figured it out.

Enjoy your long weekend and keep up the CRAZY!


Monique said...

I just had to comment on Snoopy's comment.

Why would anyone confront her over a picture of a bag?

Like anyone would recognize a bag posted here and poke fun at the person screaming YOU BAG RIDER!!!

I can't ever imagine someone walking up to CJ and saying Why you take a picture of my bag, bitch?


TomW said...

I am reassured by Monique's touchign faith in humanity.

C.J. Smith said...


Peter B said...

Agent CeeJay, your cover has been blown. You must seek cover, go to the mattresses. Don't contact us. We'll be in touch with you.

This comment will self-destruct in 5 seconds, Ms. Phelps. Good Luck.