Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It ain't winter

Yes, it was slightly cool this morning.

But a winter jacket, scarf and gloves?

Girl, you crazy.

I dare you to wear all that on the train home tonight.

When it's 30C.


TomW said...

I considered a long-sleeved shirt this morning, but thought better of it when I realised I would have to walk very fast to make the train this mornign (which I did)... now I'm sitting in an office with AC the wrong side of chilly and thinking I chose wrong.
Then again, id I has chosen the long-sleeved shirt, I would have been unpleasently sweaty when I got on the train, which wouldn't have been nice for my fellow travelers.

See, this blog has affected what I wear!

C.J. Smith said...

That's the goal, Tom.

TomW said...

To change my clothing choices?? Isn't that my wife's job? (The pink bowtie was her idea, honest...)

marion said...

I saw a girl today at school wearing Uggs! Uggs!!!!! Not only should they be banned from stores because they are so ugly, and not only is it a balmy 20 degrees outside, the still had salt stains on them...ewwwww they weren't washed since winter/spring *yuck*