Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have to park here, NOW!

I like to park at the far end of the Oshawa Go lot. This morning, I parked at the end of an empty row.

There were several empty spots in this row. As I was digging around in my backseat, this woman pulled up and sat and idled, waiting for me.

She was waiting for me to close my door so she could park right next to me. Not in the empty spot in the row ahead. Not in the empty spot next to the empty spot next to me. Right in the spot next to me.

I didn't have my door open all the way. I was trying to find my book which had slid under the seats.

As I rummaged around, this woman tooted her horn. At me. Tooted. With metres of spots available. I stood straight up and looked at her.

What the hell?

I slammed my car door and stood there. She crept forward and parked her minivan. I kept giving her my best 'WTF?' look.

It was 7:32. The train comes at 7:53.

Get bent.


TomW said...

You arrive at the station at 7:32?!? Dude, at the time in the mornign I still have morning breath.

Anonymous said...

This really made me laugh. People are so weird.

Kaylaa Claudusz #Ajax said...

You have the best go stories.
I should move to oshawa.

C.J. Smith said...

No. No, you don't.

C.J. Smith said...

Coming from the bustling metropolis of Hampton I have to be prepared for tipped cows blocking the road and the occasional slow moving farmer on a tractor, so I leave early.

Actually, I just happen to be early this morning. But the tipped cow is a true story.

I forgot to mention that she mouthed to me after tooting her horn. She said "I want to park here".

Angela said...

You have parking at 7:30? If I don't camp a spot by 6:30am they're all gone! Mimico has the smallest lot in the GO system, I swear. Of course half the spots are reserved, too. Then again, street parking is no more dangerous than parking at a GO lot anyway =/

Anonymous said...

oshawa has one of the largest parking lots.
you can ususally get a spot before noon