Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whitby GO is a Hollywood starlet that needs fine tuning

I've got a follow up to the GO antics post from last week.

Sources tell me that Whitby's north parking lot is being shut down not to piss off the people who park there but because the pavement is tired and old.

Like Madonna, it needs work to stay young so a parking contractor has been hired to buff it out so it's pretty and smooth again. Apparently, only 2,400 people make use of the 4,000 spaces available in the parking garage so everyone should be okay in the following weeks.

I still think a sit-in should happen. Just for the corn cob guy alone.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine once spent a summer dressed as Corn Cob Bob promoting ethonal fuel. Just sayin... The sit in is do-able.

TomW said...

This isn't just a quick poliosh - they've remoevd about a meter of material underneath... which they are now replacing with a similar amount of identical moving material. Still, it all keeps people employed.

Whitby b*tch said...

Oh my god! Can't they do this over a weekend?! I don't want to park in the south lot.

Anonymous said...

You Whitby people whine too much.

Do you know how nice it would be if Oshawa had a pedestrian bridge or tunnel so we could access the west end of the platform. We only have one platform entrance.

So shut the hell up you Whitby Whiners.

Cindy said...

So anonymous let me get this straight. I can't complain about my life being less convenient because your life is already less convenient than mine?

Puh-lease. Now all we need is someone from Bowmanville to call you an Oshawa Whiner because at least you have a station and they don't.


TomW said...

Re: Anonymous
The western end of the platform is actually in Whitby.