Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secret book

I took this picture last week and forgot about it until tonight.

I so badly want to know what this woman was reading and what was so scandulous about it that she wrapped, taped and covered the front and back covers with white paper.


Anonymous said...

hahaha this lady should have bought a "fake book cover" online..
i have one, "how to fit into society when you have a huge member and are rich"

i get the best looks from people when i crack that out.

rudy said...


where can i buy this?

Irene said...

Well I just found out about this website this morning because I heard a person in the elevator in my office talk about it.

I think whoever writes or owns it is petty and ridiculously immature.

That's a mighty high horse to sit on if all you're going to do with your time is make fun of people who ride GO trains.

You're invading people's privacy by taking pictures of them and it's wrong and I plan on reporting you to RCMP.

It's abhorrent that you think any of this is funny. It's mean spirited and disgusting.

I hope you're not a parent.

Anonymous said...

I got it as a bday present a while ago. My friend said it was from an online, create your own, type store. You just create it, and they print it high quality and send it to you.

David R. Allen said...

This is to Irene.

I suggest that you re-read what you wrote. You admitted to eavesdropping. Isn't than an invasion of privacy? Or is it only wrong when someone else does it who isn't you?

If you're still hot and bothered, and seeing as you also have time on your hands because you took the time needed to make a comment, you can launch a formal complaint at this link Do come back and tell us all how it went. Don't be surprised if you find your submission filed under "G".

Your comments were mean-spirited and uncalled for. Threatening to call police is public mischief when no crime has been committed.

I personally find this blog highly entertaining. Considering your participation on this blog is purely voluntary, all you had to do was close down your browser and move on. Instead you chose to be a fool.

I suggest you consider buying panties in a larger size. This may loosen the discomfort you are experiencing as your current pair appears to be clouding your judgment.

Gary said...

Irene = mouth, insert foot.

C.J. Smith said...

Hi Irene,

I'm sorry you don't like my blog and I appreciate the time you took to tell me how you feel about it and me.

I took offense at your "parent" potshot as I find it bears no merit to this online hobby of mine. That was quite a dig and I have to wonder why you made your comment so personal.

Perhaps you're featured on this site somewhere and the elevator story was merely a muse?

Rather than writing empty threats, please direct concerns to me personally either in email or a text.


Anonymous said...

Irene, GO Trains are a public forum, much like a park and therefore there is not a resonable expecation of privacy on a GO Train. Also GO bylaws only forbid the use of cameras for commerical purposes.


28.15 - No person shall operate for commercial purposes any camera, video recording device, movie camera or any similar device upon the transit system without the express written permission of GO Transit.

Anonymous said...

so the minute CJ throws up advertising she's breaking the law and GO can sue her?

Ron said...

In Irene's high school yearbook, she was also known as "Debbie Downer".

Phil said...

Well at least she didn't call you a piece of poo.

Been there/Bought the tshirt.