Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Train love

There was a teen couple on the train this morning who got on at Oshawa.
The two of them held hands and gazed adoringly into each other eyes.
By Pickering, they were locked at the lips and proceeded to 'make out' all the way to Union. There wasn't any french kissing just a lot of smooching, hair smoothing, arm petting, face touching and the burying of heads into shoulders.
They were oblivious to the stares and what I found hilarious was the woman sitting across from them kept sighing loudly and rolling her eyes.

How sad people forget.

I found the whole episode highly entertaining. Ah, teen love. Le sigh.


TomW said...

I wish my wife travelled with me on the train more often... it's 40+ minutes of snuggle time [PG rated] :-)

Dan said...

They didn't get up and venture to the bathroom at any time?! :)

C.J. Smith said...

I've seen that. I don't know how anyone can get past the septic smell.