Monday, September 27, 2010

SIGHmon says

via email to

First of all, I really like this website!!

Why thank you. I'm here everyday!

I am on the Lakeshore W. train every day, and we need more posts from there haha.

The floor is yours, Sighmon.

This is to those people who refuse to let anyone "in" when trying to get out of your seats and into the aisle to get off the train.

Ah yes, the dirty lineblockers!

The people who purposely pretend that no one else exists and makes every attempt to block anyone from getting in... seriously.. that 1.3 seconds it would take to let someone in, would probably do a lot for your Karma.

Word, bro.


Angela said...

*wave* from Lakeshore West. I'd add to the lineblockers the people who refuse to move out of the doorway to let people ON a crowded train. I get on at Mimico and the train is already packed. These tools just stand there blocking the entrance instead of moving into the aisle or up the stairs which slows everyone down.

TomW said...

On the train last week, the CSA asked/instructed people to stop blovkign the entrances and actually sit on the avilable seats (of which there were plenty). can't remember the name, but ir you;re reading - thanks!