Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blah, blah, sooo

Oh goodness whores of hell.
On the 410.
Subjected to a 30 minute phone call where this chick went on and on and on and on about easter dinner and what are they going to eat for dessert and if it should be pie or cake.
Of course, today was the day I decided to delete all the music off my blackberry so I can't drown her out... but the most annoying part was she ended every sentence with 'sooo'.

For example, "It's easy to make that, all I have to do is buy icing, sooo..." The lady across from me has sighed, flicked her paper, crossed and re-crossed her legs and mumbled under her breath. Sooo...

Finally, she lost her call just outside Rouge Hill and the lady across from me said, "Praise Jesus".

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Anonymous said...

I love that cell phone dead zone just outside of Rouge Hill.

Anonymous said...

In middle school I was stuck with a teacher who would end every sentence with "Okay?" for TWO YEARS! I'm not even exaggerating.