Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Countdown Clock

Lat week, I addressed accusations that I work for GO Transit. I'm still chuckling over that. Your seat would have cupholders if I did and a whole mess of other things would be addressed.

One suggestion that proved extremely popular and generated a few emails was the platform countdown clock. The emails came in from people who haven't memorized the schedules to heart or who don't commute during the morning rush, or who don't own a watch or who, like my husband before he got rid of it, own a vehicle where the dashboard clock no longer works. People really want to know how much time they have before the train leaves.

I'm not an engineer. I'm a graphic designer but this doesn't make me an artist but I've been asked to illustrate the countdown clock. One person, Jessica, wrote that if GO were to implement such a clock, it would probably help with tardy "dooooors are clooooooooooosing ... " announcements. Maybe.

I'd like one only so I know how much time I have to sprint across the parking lot. Keven wrote he'd like one so he knows whether he has time to grab a coffee from the Williams Coffee Pub near the Oshawa GO Station when rolling in to take an afternoon train.

Just for fun, I will Photoshop a countdown clock. Of course, I'm not going to take it seriously and you can expect a hot mess.

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Marion said...

wow people want everything nowadays. In D.C. you would be stared down carrying a cuppa on the train.

however, I have mentioned it to the appropriate people that a giant digital clock should be implemented at the station above existing LED signs