Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Jesus don't need no stinking rules

Go transit doesn't tell Super J. what to do. Super J. tells GO Transit.
Re: Feet off the seats

Super Jesus had his foot up today and took his foot down a few seconds after the announcement was made. It lasted about half a minute and the foot went right back on the seat.

- Martina


Skin Man said...

To be fair, his foot is on the wall, and his leg is on a seat, in an otherwise empty looking coach.

Anthony L. said...

Integrity and playing by the rules is something you do EVEN when no one is watching.

Doesn't matter if the coach is empty. And a dirty foot on the wall means whoever sits in that seat that faces outward could be wearing a white jacket that could get dirty but then again, if it's Super Jesus, he doesn't have dirty shoes.

Lester said...

Could really use Super J's power to remove a hydro pole that fell on the track delaying all trains to 'Shwah and the F'ville

Jason said...

Honestly I do this. I put my feet up. However, I lift up the padded seat. They are all attached by velcrove. So it's not getting the seats dirty. It's not hurting anything or anyone. When people board the train I put my feet down put the seat back until I know no one is going to sit there.