Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome Back!

Did you have a nice train ride in?
Oooh, you work for the government so you have today off? Fanfeckentastic for you!

Guess what I had to deal with, as well as the regulars in my coach?

Miss Yappity-Yap!

This woman yapped the whole train ride (Oshawa-Union), even through the Rouge Valley blackhole, on her cellphone with her volume set to ear-bleed. We got the best of both worlds! We could hear her and the person she was talking to.

At one point, Bouncer (a train buddy) began to read aloud from her book. The girl has balls.

But sadly, Motormouth couldn't take a hint.


Leanne said...

So I learned recently that if you were to lean over and actually take her phone and end her call for her, it's assault and harrasment.

Donna said...

I cant argue with that Leanne. If someone grabbed me or anything on my person I would be pissed off too. Why not just politely ask the person to tone it down a bit? why is that so difficult?

Taylor said...

I enjoyed listening to one rider call her significant other to tell him to return the call to the lady at the bank today, you know, since he was off today. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to get the attention of someone who is puprosely ignoring you or when asked, IGNORES YOU.

TDBANK said...

The banks are open today.

Dan said...

I once sat beside a lady who asked me to stop reading my newspaper because the turning of the pages annoyed her.

I have to ask, why are any of us expected to babysit these people? We're all adults. She should know better.

Here's a Name said...

There must be some sort of device that can lock onto a local cell phone signal and start broadcasting white noise at the same frequency, effectively killing the link.

Maybe something they keep in a backroom at Future Shop for special (wink wink nod nod) clientele.

@Home said...

Working hard there, eh, TDBANK?

Donna said...

To Anon: Perhaps you need to pull a Samule L. Jackson next time:


Huffing and puffing and giving the evil eye is not asking someone to tone it down. Tap them on the shoulder and say excuse me, or say in a voice loud enough, that can they please stop talking so loudly because the entire train is not interested in hearing their conversation at length.

Again, I dont see how this is so difficult.

RonNasty said...

Is it legal to blow an air horn on the train? Maybe a simple bike horn will get the point across.

Anonymous said...

that would be fan-freaking-tastic. That would certainly grab people's attentions to lower their g-d damn voices!