Monday, April 4, 2011

I can time travel, oh, and like the new logo?

Yes, I know the date says Monday when it's really Saturday (or Sunday).

Those of you reading this post on Monday will be lost because it really is Monday. Don't stress over it. Trust me.

I fast-forwarded some of my postings because I know I won't have time on Monday to do anything with the site and I wanted the posts up now instead of then. Don't ask why. Just enjoy.

Oh! And I get to ride the GO bus Monday morning because my CUV decided to blow a gasket, burn out a few sparkplugs and backfire all at once as I was inching it towards the dealership - check engine light all aglow - Saturday morning. There's a recall for what happened, apparently. Awesome. Glad I wasn't on the highway.

Thanks to Mystery Man, those in the know will enjoy our SpongeBob pillow friend who thinks her morning GO train ride to Union is also her own hotel suite. She's the topic for version 7.0.


Alan aka Mystery Man said...

I love you.

Bicky said...

How funny! I love your your handiwork, CJ. It rocks!

D.F. said...

so MysteryMan had a face to face discussion with the Snoring Cow? what happened? I didnt see that anywhere on your site? do tell!

C.J. Smith said...

In the original post, he says he spoke to her.

Alan aka Mystery Man said...

I spoke to her once. Then I tried a second time after carrying the Shout Out in my bag for a week. She is the most rudest person I have ever met. This morning I did manage to have a fake phone call in the seat behind her telling my fake friend all about She hadn't settled in yet so I'm sure she heard it. God I hope she comes here.

Barb Carmichael said...

She sounds like a vile woman.

But the logo is awesome!