Monday, April 11, 2011

Should commuters expect more? Or should commuters be part of the solution to make the ride pleasant for everyone?

from Cary_Fxxxxx
date Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 2:10 PM
subject If people don't like it, buy us better trains

I've been reading with interest your blog and your beef with people who block the doors or put their feet up to relax after a long day of work at the office.
I've been riding GO Transit for a few months now and I don't understand why you're so concerned about what people do on a train.
Who cares?
Perhaps if GO Transit were to purchase trains, or put into service trains that have a better layout, more places to stand, baggage compartments and seats that only face forward, a lot of these problems would disappear.
How about you be more pro-active? Start a petition. Lobby the government to buy better trains to replace the archaic ones in service at the moment.
You can't change the public.
But you can change the system.

Thank you.

from C.J. Smith
to Cary_Fxxxxx
date Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 7:17 PM
subject Re: If people don't like it, buy us better trains

Hi Carey,

Should GO reward bad behaviour?
Hells no.

If GO were to replace their rail fleet with trains similar to what commuters enjoy in Europe, specifically ones used in Italy, the cost would be enormous.

It would be nice but I don't think it's affordable. You know that highway we have in the GTA, the 407? That money would have been better spent building a LRT to service the 905 and improve existing commuter rail routes, such as adding more track/trains/stops - just my opinion.

Ticket prices would be double if GO used the trains you want. Heck, if you want everything you've suggested, why not take VIA into Toronto everyday because that's how much a ticket would cost on GO. Why even have a GO rail system? Maybe VIA should expand. They already have the trains you like although you do realize that to make trains more spacious for standing, there wouldn't be any seats.

Commuter-rail systems are designed how they are, I think, to keep costs affordable for people who choose to leave their cars at home. I never associated the word luxury with commuter. That's more a travel concept. When I ride the train into work, I'm not traveling for a day out in the city. I'm going to work.

But I do wonder why GO trains are set up with seats that face each other. I wonder what the logic was in the design. Perhaps it was to encourage us all to be friendly with one another.

Hey! There's a concept. Courtesy and friendliness. Why does it seem so odd to you that I, along with others, expect this?


Gary said...

Dude, ride the train for several years before you ask why bad behaviour drives some of us up the wall.

Ali said...

How many times do you have to bring up the issue of "manners"? I guess some people think the world is supposed to conform to their needs and wants.

And you blog is a fun place to LOL about our frustrations. Nothin' wrong with that!

TomW said...

I don't think ticket prices would double if GO were to include places to stand and luggage spaces. However, I agree that GO shouldn't provide standing spaces... most GO passengers have journeys of 30+ minutes, so should be provided with a seat.

(On the other hand, providing even a small amount of lugagge space would mean people would no longer pile up suitacses on seats)

patricia said...

Take the bus if you have luggage. That's why GO buses have luggage compartments.


Train does not=airport.

Or, book your flight to leave on a weekend.

C.J. Smith said...

I see the baggage remark struck a nerve.

Al said...

What about when go emplys the rail link from union to the airport,

I doubt the trains will be any different i.e luggage compartments.

what will your reason for not taking luggage be then?

I have no problem with Luggage on the train just morons who dont know how to fit it on the trains, or pile it up on the seats,

C.J. Smith said...

It's going to be a different style of rail car that will be used on the rail link. I know I read that somewhere. The GO trains that we know on the LSW/LSE won't be used.

I have no problem with luggage either, just with what people do with it. It doesn't get a seat.

Dan-1 said...

Who cares?

contrary to popular belief, people do care when they can't get on the train, when they can't get off the train at their stop, when they can't get up or down the stairs, and when they can't get to the washroom, and when they plant their rump on a dirty seat.

Yes, let's purchase expensive new trains designed to try to combat stupid behaviour, completely ignoring the fact that the problem lies with the behaviour of the people who ride them. A very "Premier Dad" McGuinty solution.

As far as I can tell, the only way to change the public behaviour en masse on this one is for GO to start making announcements not to block the doors while boarding and enforce it (unlikely). Or they can remove the doors altogether and make people exit through the windows.

FYI, CJ is correct, the Pearson-Rail-Airport-Whatever-It's-Now-Called-Link will use different equipment which will likely be configured with luggage accommodations. Metrolinx will hire some expensive marketing consultants to dream up a flashy foreign-sounding name for it (or lowball and go for something lame like AirLinx (feel free to use that one Metrolinx)), and operate it separate from GO with higher fares.

Anonymous said...

Won't people still use GO to get to Union (at which point I presume they will switch to the new coaches to travel to Pearson); in which case there will be luggage storage needs during rush hour on 'normal' coaches?!

Al said...


Due to the haters, those going to union are expected to bus it from whatever region to Union.

C.J. Smith said...

I think it takes a few bad run-ins with luggage and things do take an evil turn.

How ya gettin' home, Al?

Lester said...

Listen, assholes, it's in GO's charter that they promise your ride on their trains and buses will be comfortable.

Having a pile of luggage cramping your feet is NOT comfortable. I speak from experience. Climbing over luggage to get a seat is equally dangerous.

I quote:

We promise to make your experience comfortable

Our customers always tell us how much they enjoy the relaxing experience of riding GO. Need a little quiet time? Want to plan your day or unwind after work? On the GO, you can read, use your laptop, listen to music or have a quick nap. GO trains and buses are comfortable and convenient.

CJ, feel free to pass this around to those who think they own the train.

C.J. Smith said...

Lester, please don't call these people assholes. It's a little uncalled for as those commenting aren't assholes, at least, not in my opinion.

But you brought up a good point re: charter and I will use it.

Al said...

@ Cj -

Got home just fine, a small delay, 10 minutes or so on the 5:20, even left work early, thanks for asking.

At least I got to go out of the house today.

p.s hope you feel better.

TomW said...

patricia said: "Take the bus if you have luggage."

... and if the bus doesn't go to where I want to go?

Sheesh, I suggest a simple solution (a space for luggage), and you seem to think trying to ban an activity that people will do regardless will work.

Unknown said...

I am wondering when they will provide internet so that we can bring more bags on the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO