Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just a trim...

GO buys the rails. GO gives the trees near Danforth station the finger.

It's not like CN did anything about the gang of leaves that came out, fingers snapping, every fall making our evening commutes home stretch out for hours.

It was time for a trim.

Cue tree huggers. Thanks to Kelly for the pics.


TomW said...

Firstly, those trees were trimmed back weeks ago - I think around Febuary! That was CN's doing, not GO's.

Secondly, CN did a bad job. It looks like a group just wandered along and snapped off all the trees. The reason why this is bad is because fungal infections can easily get in where the branch was torn off... eventually killing the tree and bringing it crashign down (onto the tracks). They should have used a saw to remove offending branches,which leaves something more impervious to fungal infections.

C.J. Smith said...

Those woodchips look way too fresh to have been made back in February. Don't you think?

Kelly said...

Maybe they're doing things in stages, I don't know. But the chopped trees and sawdust I saw was quite fresh.