Friday, April 11, 2014

Are you pregnant? Are you sitting down? You may not like this news

What's that?
You can't sit down?

Right. Because no one will give up a seat.

There are some of us who still do. However, I have erred in the past presuming a woman is pregnant when in fact she just drinks a lot of beer. It shouldn't be offensive if someone thinks you're pregnant when you're not. It can be hurtful if you were never able to have kids but my God, we put too much stock in what is an honest mistake. We've chatted about the "seats for all things pregnant" before and many men weighed in claiming they've been burned in the past assuming a woman is pregnant. One guy was tore a new butthole over it. Mike, that woman was a cow, you have to get past it, dude.

The reality is we now live in a world of uncommon courtesy where if someone holds a door open for us we run to social media to tell the world about it. We write letters to the editor to tell the local readership about the man who helped us in the parking lot of the Whitby Sobey's when our grocery bag broke, and a cucumber was squashed, and it was kindly replaced by the same man who then disappeared in the night -- refusing the 89 cents you tried to give him to pay for the cucumber. We tweet about the lady who turned in the watch lost on a TTC train claiming, "faith in humanity has been restored" and lastly, we write Shout Outs in a commuter rag to thank strangers for the random acts of kindness demonstrated on the GO train.

It's a shame. No, really. It's a damn shame. And this is why, Pregnant Women of the Commute, you need to ask to sit.

I meant to say "standing at this stage" in my email to C.


Squiggles said...

I read that article yesterday. Yes, I feel for this woman but in reality, if she is carrying small and with the winter coat, no one may have noticed. Especially if it was packed like it was when I lived there 9 years ago. If we thought the winter was harsh in Ontario, it was worse in Calgary (based on family stories).

In all, if you need a seat for whatever reason, you need to ASK for it. Don't make the assumption that people will A) realise you need it and B) will act on it.

Anonymous said...

OMG, stop whining. It's her choice to get pregnant, it is the persons choice to sit and not give up their seat for her. Just like I chose to not be pregnant and sit. If she really needs to sit, get their earlier.