Friday, April 4, 2014

You mean this wasn't a good idea?


A New York man died while apparently "subway surfing" on top of a train, the New York Daily News reports.
Police said the man suffered fatal head trauma when he slammed into an overhead barrier as the train pulled into a station near Elder Ave. in the Bronx.
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Anonymous said...

The Daily News said Rios was an architect who managed a project to rebuild parts of Staten Island destroyed by hurricane Sandy.

you would think an architect will have more brains than that...sadly not..

Squiggles said...

And this, Ladies, Gentleman and the various Anonimi is a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

Unknown said...

Not just a candidate my dear Squiggles... a 'winner' too.
Condolences to his family of course.

deepfish said...

Supposedly Frank Herbert got the idea for Sandworm riding Fremen (Dune) from seeing Indians riding on trains.
I've ridden in open gondola cars on real trains.
Nothing much to recommend it.
Still looking for my first ride on shai-hulud. Now THAT would be worth head trauma.

Anonymous said...

Yes. This is what Darwin's theory is supposed to do. People who selfishly risk their lives and are Risking their lives should face the consequences should they not survive.