Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where's a chainsaw when you need one?

from: CA
date: Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 3:45 PM
subject: Wide open on the 743 express to union


Your site makes my day! I never thought I'd be so angry to send you one of my own photos but here it is. The photo doesn't even do justice. 

My friend and I got on the express to union to find this guy... wide open,  with his bag on the neighbouring seat while he checks his phone.  Not even moving a side to let us through to sit across from him, I nudge him with my lunch bag to move.  

Minding my own business and listening to tunes I see him put away his phone,  slouch further down in his seat to take a nap....To then stretching his damn leg to go between mine and my friends underneath our seats.  At this point I'm envisioning your chainsaw cutting off his leg off.... and in plain disgust I bend over to grab my lunch bag under my seat and I hit his leg and move the eff out of our personal space.  

What the hell is wrong with people and where are their manners!?!! 


Squiggles said...

That is when you take a stand and take up the leg space you paid for. By this, you move your legs and kick his out of the way. I did this once with a nasty conceited lady and made things better by asking her to quit kicking me. With the looks flung our way, she straightened up and put her leg by her seat.

Anonymous said...

That is just beyond the pale. This is an instance where I would risk a scene and tell him to move it or lose it.

Anonymous said...

I can bet she never asked him to move. Just passive aggressive actions that she expected him to pay attention to lol. It's like all the women who keep their purse, clothing bags, grocery bags, etc in the seat beside them. When I say "excuse me", they accommodate space. When I said nothing and just expected them to consider me, none have moved. Can't expect everyone to be mindful of you when they're focusing on themselves. That's just entitled behaviour.