Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is this a high priority for you? It's not for me but I guess it is for some

from: MS
date: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 7:39 PM
subject: Wi-fi at GO

Hi CJ.

Saw this on the Star website. Not sure if you've seen it yet:

Wi-fi still a ways off at all GO stations. I'm not usually there long enough to need wi-fi but I guess some people are.


Anonymous said...

How about focusing on the projects that matter?? Like improving service and getting that damn Union Station project done.

Anonymous said...

If they are doing wi-fi, wouldn't it make way more sense to do it on the trains themselves, not the stations?

As CJ pointed out, nobody is ever at a GO Station long enough to care.

I'm at the station for maximum 10 minutes (and that's only if I miss the train I was trying to catch), but my train ride is an hour.

Typical Metrolinx...nothing is logical.

Squiggles said...

Agreed Anon, though I would add my station construction project done. That sucker was supposed to be done by now.

Anyhoodles, who spends that much time at their station that they would take advantage of the WIFI? I mean, who says: I think I will work from home today and by home I mean the GO Station?

Jules said...

I agree with Anon, improving other areas would be much more beneficial. Most commuters don't spend much time in the stations.

Anonymous said...

Yeah not a priority.
But, that's GO for you. Adding more trains (every 30 minutes!) to times when there wasn't exactly an outcry for more non-rush hour trains, adding car charging stations, etc.

Bicky said...

Hey now! Those car charging stations are getting used (ever so slightly). I've seen four cars there on various occasions at the Whitby GO. That's a whole $10 in charging revenue!

Two Chevy Volts (might have been the same car), a Tesla, and something else I cannot remember.

Remember! A whole $10!!

mark p said...

The problem with putting WiFi on the trains is reliability of signal plus cost, the worst is TTC adding WiFi, thats a waste of money, I'm not in a station long enough I don't know what they are thinking.... they should get with the program and get cellphone signals in the tunnels as unpopular as that might be, but rather then improve services they waste it on useless things like WiFi, its a subway station, not a Starbucks......

Lori said...

Before my camera was stolen I didn't feel comfortable bringing items of a high value to a GO Train station. After, I still don't. Besides I am not in a GO Train station long enough to use wi-fi and if it were on trains, I am also not on the train long enough.