Monday, April 21, 2014

My apologies in advance

I'm gonna warn you now, it will be pretty dry 'round these parts over the next two weeks. This time of year is ridiculously busy at work and as much as I try to blog from the train, it's not the same when blogging from a computer. And as much as I tried to gather content this weekend and enter it in, and post-date it, that didn't happen either.

You can roll your eyes. I know! All this stuff I do for FREE! FREE!!! And it's not getting done. How can you count on me? I know. I ask myself this several times a day.

But first (no, not let me take a selfie) there's this news story out of Australia. Let me tell you about Australians, they take rail commuting very seriously and I love them for it: Rude travellers toe the line: 480 people fined for putting their feet on train seats. This would never, ever happen here. No elected official has the balls to put something like this in place. I'm telling you, though, it needs to happen.

I promise you once life loosens its grip. I'll be back to regular scheduled blogging. Please don't stop sending stuff in. I want what you have. Gimme.


Bicky said...

Transit officials need to hit people where it hurts... in the wallet. I love the idea of on-the-spot fines for foot riding.

But I doubt the bigwigs running the ship have the backbone to implement such a thing.

Take care, CJ. Don't burn yourself out with work.

Anonymous said...

York Region's VIVA system already has a provision for riders who ride their feet on seats with a $155 fine. They have special constables who do random fare checks. Not sure if YR has issued a fine over this.