Monday, April 14, 2014

Presto - Why U No Math?

I received a lot of feedback since Thursday about my beef with Presto and their 25 cent service charge for underpayments. As a courtesy, Presto allows for you to tap and enter a negative balance if you don't have enough funds in your e-purse for your trip. When you clear the underpayment, you are charged 25 cents for this transaction.

I understand why it's done.

What I don't like is that I also learned that if you go into overdraft because your funds weren't loaded onto your card within the 24-hour window, as has happened for many customers, you still are charged 25 cents.

But it is what it is and I remain a "bitter bitch".

Anyhow, Presto is unable to calculate the balance of my e-purse correctly. It's really hard to have confidence in this system.

Am I still a bitter bitch? Or am I a bitch with a point?


Unknown said...

Mine still says $19.58 since May of last year. Presto is wack.

Unknown said...

I generally find the discrepancy between the two balance figures occurs when there is a pending transaction on the card (e.g. fare load, Service Guarantee credit). In that case, the balance at the top shows the "projected balance" and the balance in the table shows the "balance as of last tap". What makes it even more confusing is the delay in the transaction list.

Oy vey.