Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yes... what would happen if we all did it indeed... Hmmm (puff out smoke from pipe)

On non-rush hour trains, I don't really care if you want to cop the seat next to you as your personal trunk. On rush hour trains, your bags belong on your lap.

The worst are the people who throw you some serious shade when you ask to sit, acting like it's a HUGE INCONSIDERATE INCONVENIENCE THAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED A SEAT.

It's not like you paid your fare or anything, right?


Squiggles said...


And that is why I always choose a seat next to these individuals.

Bicky said...

Yeah, that GO etiquette campaign was an epic fail.

Skin Man said...

I think bags belong on the floor at all times.

Michael Suddard said...

OC Transpo has just launched a bus ettiquette campaign.

The first YouTube Video is here:

The guy in the video has more moves than Ali!

Anonymous said...

The sign and bag placement is priceless. LOL Would this be Libby or Lizzy? Be thankful your paparazzi whited out your face!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't mind if the train is empty and it often happens when the train is nearing the end of the line. That includes someone hauling quite the load and uses the quad - but only when it is near empty and the likelihood is that nobody is getting on. I always mind when it's feet on the seat.