Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy hour!

from: TW
to: ""
date: Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 12:07 PM
subject: Drinking now allowed on the trains, didn't you know

Hello CJ, 

I have browsed your blog a few times and thought it was high time to contribute.  I feel like I've read somewhere that you are a 4:53 LSE commuter, like myself.  

Anyways, yesterday this individual chose to sit across from me.  Fine, right?  It's a train, you get on and pick which ever seat you like.  And it was fine, until he pulled out his first beer.  Before I go further, I having nothing against drinking.  I don't drink myself, but what others choose to do is their business.  That being said, the smell of alcohol makes me extremely nauseous.  Horribly so.  It was a painful trip home. 

That beer in his hand?  His third one of the trip.  When he got off the train, it appeared as though walking was a bit of a challenge.  To be fair, I've never seen the man before nor have I seen him walk and it's totally possible that walking is challenging for him regardless.  But really?  I don't know enough about beer to tell you how much that particular can holds.  Say it was a 473mL can.  That's just shy of one and a half litres of beer in about 45 minutes.  

I wish I wasn't such a pansy and said something.  My heart nearly beat out of my chest when I took the photo.  Had I seen him pull out keys, I would have called him on it.  I completely understand this may not be an issue to others, but downright disgusting for myself.  Never have I ever been so happy to hear the word "Oshawa".

from: Cindy (Cj) Smith
to: TW
date: Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 12:11 PM
subject: Re: Drinking now allowed on the trains, didn't you know

Oh my god, I got on the bus with this guy yesterday who before boarding, decided to smoke his cigarette right outside the open bus door so it wafted into the bus as people boarded.  Once on the bus I could tell this guy wasn't all together but politely asked that next time he not smoke right where people are boarding. Blank stare at first and then he was outraged that I would tell him where he could and could not smoke. That was a lot of rage and now I know why!!!


Unknown said...

Used to jave a severe alcoholic roommate. I say severe because I think his BAC was 90%. If he sweat ... it was alcohol. He would fall asleep with a beer in his hand and wake up and swig said warm stale beer.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope he didn't drive

deepfish said...

These guys were raised by people, I suppose. How could they leave a household with such attitudes?

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this behaviour (i.e., drinking) on any other GO line yet. Why is it recurring on the LSE?

Anonymous said...

Dont be afraid about calling out this guy's misbehaving. Sure he has issues but we as a society shouldn't encourage it. One day (I hope) that he will stop his shenanigans before someone gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

I wish the photographer would get the guy's face so we can keep an eye out for him.

C.J. Smith said...

Because I had an altercation with this guy and because he's not very stable, it's best we protect ourselves (those of us who have ran into him). Showing his face can make a bad situation worse should he ever stumble onto this site. Foot riders and bag riders aren't an iffy lot but I don't trust this dude and yes, he got on the bus.

Peter said...

Unstable + alcohol + altercation = time to call Transit Safety dispatch 1-877-297-0642 and request an intercept to escort this character off the train/bus.

The bus driver should have directed him to smoke away from the open door.

@Anonymous (7:37PM) Ever travel the LSW in from Aldershot on a Friday afternoon? Some pax are discrete, others not.

Squiggles said...

@Anon 7.37:

I think part of the reason you do not see much of this behaviour on other lines is because the LSE/LSW is an all day, every half-hour thing, whereas many of the other lines are only rush hour.

As for this particular person, best stay away. Maybe change cars when you see him? Obviously he has his problems.

Anonymous said...

Why is the a surprise to anyone? It is a well known fact that the LSE trains are wide open to smoking after 7:00pm. The CSRs turn a blind eye to it. If I work late I cadge a taxi chit instead of riding home on the smoke train,

Anonymous said...

CSRs aren't cops. They have the same rights and powers that you have. All they can do is request the person stop whatever it is they are doing, and call it in.

Go Transit isn't going to hold up an entire transit system, and delay thousands of people and freight traffic just because someone is drinking a beer. Cops don't usually show up for someone drinking a beer in public, if they aren't being a physical threat to anyone else.

As for the smoker, I've seen bus drivers tell off door smokers, and usually it gets them a fuck off if they are lucky, or a spit in the face. Again, if you want the bus to get you where you're going as drama free as possible, let the Transit Enforcement Officers do their jobs and issue tons of tickets that don't hold up in court.

Anonymous said...

I've taken TTC for nearly 15 years and haven't seen anyone smoking or drinking.

When TTC syncs with Presto are CSR's gonna a check riders?

Anonymous said...

Imagine putting Bruce Lee and this drunk dude together. I think we know who wont survive after a 10 second encounter

Peter said...

@Anonymous (10:39 AM) My drivers ask smokers to move to the bike rack and promise they won't drive away without them. The smokers always comply. Attitude earns the individual a lecture and/or ejection from the bus. Spitting is assault => 911 call & police take-down.