Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hey, what did a seat cushion ever do to you?

Angry at a signal delay? Why not flip some seat cushions around and leave an angry note?
All the passive-aggressiveness right here, in one picture.

This be Instagram gold! Thanks casomorphine for capturing this for the world!

I feel like I should buy her dinner.


Anonymous said...

I thought those seats are supposed to be secure.

Anonymous said...

No, you can llift themso you can put your feet undermeath

Anonymous said...

oh they become floatation devices like the ones in planes during major floods?

Anonymous said...

It's not even up to GO Transit to fix or do anything but wait for the signal to go green. I know which train this is and it's the 4:13pm out of Union to Aldershot. There is a delay - always - between Burlington and Aldershot because there is an incoming Via Train coming from Aldershot in addition to freight trains. Go Transit has last priority.

Unknown said...

People these days taking their frustrations on inanimate objects. Seats don't fight back.

Valentino Assenza said...

Two words - Anger Management