Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hey Ted, wanna bring in that new monitor you bought to work? BONUS! A Quiet Zone story at the end

A.L. sent this in on Tuesday, writing, "There's also a big carry-on suitcase paired with this in our quad." I asked if it was a rush hour train and indeed it was, originating out of Appleby. When I commented that people are jerks, A.L. pointed out these folks were kind enough to store the carry-on luggage under a seat. A few minutes later, A.L. wrote, "If you want a tad more colour to the story, she almost cracked a guy in the face with the monitor box as he was behind her coming up the stairs. He just smiled."

Me: "And that's when I shoved her down the stairs your honor! Case dismissed."

A.L.: "One day there will be serious violence. About a month ago a guy was riding in the QZ in one of the end quads.. 40-ish dude. A 20-something couple got on and the guy started talking to his girlfriend loudly. The older guy politely pointed out it’s the QZ and they could go downstairs to talk.
The young guy practically yelled at him: SHUT UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU WANT TO TAKE ME ON?
His girlfriend told him to calm down, and they both resumed their conversation. The 40-something guy was understandably cowed. I was two quads away and everyone was looking at the couple. If just one person had stood up to confront, I sensed others would have joined. But nobody wanted to be that person, especially considering who knows what kind of whack-job the guy was.
I probably should have gone to the customer service guy. But apathy. You know.


George said...

Damn I miss all the good stuff. I would have called him an a-hole right to his face if I was close by and damn the consequences.

Self-entitled assholes need to be confronted. In my younger years (I'm 60) I would have been encouraging him to take me on (I loved fighting then to my everlasting shame) but old age has mellowed the physical side and sharpened the tongue.

George said...

Oh and O forgot to mentio an incident on the LSW evening rush.

A spandex wearing dude was trying to get him and a bike on a standing room only express train. I had a seat right next to the end rows. When he was informed that no bikes on rush hour trains, he went ballistic and demanded the people on the seats at the end where the bike signs are get up and move so he could sit and hold his bike. He was shouting from outside and holding the doors open btw.

A VERY large man stepped up and quietly repeated what was said before and said there just isn't any space left. The spandex guy threatened him so the big guy simply grabbed his hand and twisted it so he let go of the doors and they closed before the CSA got there.

He got high fives. He got congratulations. Hw was *that* person and appreciation all at once.

Anonymous said...

If I was there, I would definitely challenge the young guy and on some cars they have fire extinguishers and axes. Just use those to scare the guy straight.

Anonymous said...

Was he in a "Drunken stupor"?

Anonymous said...

Press the yellow strip?