Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A$$hole Parking Explained

You all know I have a Ray Finkle obsession with people who can't park a vehicle between two lines, right? Well a reporter at the Globe and Mail also mused about what possesses a person to straddle two lanes.

Why take one parking spot, when two will do?

Full article here.

My favorite line in the article?

"Were you a down-to-earth Lululemon stay-at-home mom raising the new messiah ...?"


kary said...

I know that this will be unpopular, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway.

If people gave a crap about other people's property, and took some care when they opened their car doors, maybe those of us who look after our vehicles wouldn't feel the need for space.

And before you attack, no I don't take up 2 spaces. But I do park at the ends of rows, so that I can hug the outer line, and I park alongside like-minded people at Oshawa GO, who overhang the shaded-out areas by a foot or two, so that we have a bit of breathing room. between us and others. We don't obstruct anybody. I've had my car for 6 years, a beautiful GM Cobalt, and it does not have a ding in it. I look after my car and I hate parking beside those that look like they don't look after theirs. If I felt that my neighbour in the parking lot respected my property I wouldn't feel the need for space.

Matt said...

It’s a car. It’s not a rare gem. It’s not a small child. It’s not a valuable piece of irreplaceable art. Let’s remember here that we are talking about a POTENTIAL ding in your car door. Shit happens. Donkeys are as likely to have their car keyed for being a 2-spot parker as they are to have their car door dinged by a parking lot neighbour. I value my car just as much as the next person, but I acknowledge that shit happens and I’m not going to lose sleep over a “parking lot ding” courtesy of a neighbouring car door or maybe a grocery cart.

It doesn’t matter if you drive a Chevy, a BMW, or a Ferrari. There is no excuse for taking up two parking spots. Ever. Parking spots are designed to be wide enough to fit most, if not all, passenger vehicles on the road today. If a Hummer can fit between the lines, a BMW can as well. If a driver is that worried about damage to their car, they probably shouldn’t take it out in public. And if the issue is not deliberate 2-spot parking but instead an inexplicable inability to park between the lines, then perhaps the driver deserves every ding their car gets.

Anonymous said...

I am going to start carrying a lipstick around in my purse just so I can write "ass" on the back windows of these assholes.

in fact, maybe writing it on the back passenger window would be even better that way the changes of them noticing it are smaller and they can drive around town with their branded vehicle for all to see.

and I agree, i have enough dings in my car doors from people dinging my car, if people park right onthe line I sometimes purposely smack my door against their car. I just dont car anymore.

Unknown said...

Shoot I am moving to Oshawa - is this what I have to look forward to. Donkey car dingers?

kary said...

Yeah Holly, welcome to Oshawa. Not only are we inconsideate of others belongings, but we lack reading comprehension skills. I don't recall saying people should take up 2 spots, but apparently that's what I said!

And btw Matt shit doesn't just happen.

Anonymous said...

I guess it would be nice not to get dings dents and frank scratches so as to ensure our cars last longer without rusting.
Is this because of where the Go station is in Oshawa? would it be less problematic if the station was in another part of the city??
Happy statutory holiday.

Sandy said...
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Denise said...

And a follow up to the original article.

Denise said...

lswgirl13 said...

A 6 year old GM Cobalt??? Ohhhh yes, you don't want a ding in that luxury automobile. JEEZ!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, on Friday, April 29th, I saw something that made me laugh all the way to work. I got to the parking lot to park my car and noticed that there was a hyundai elantra taking up two spots. There was a guy that drove in behind me and really wanted to park close to the train, so he put his car into park, got out, literally picked up the Elantra, first at the front and moved it and then went around to the back and moved it. He got back into his car and pulled into the empty spot. He got out of his car, pulled a notepad out and wrote a note to the owner of the Elantra. I went over to see what the note was and it read, "Next time, park in between the lines", "I am now going to the chiropractor when I get into the city to fix my back, I will be sending you the bill". **SHOLE.